Time heals all wounds , 

we seize the days and moments we choose 

Sometimes we win others we lose 

All the Staines upon our souls miraculously removed 

and from our history we become wise and we become whole 

Into our futures we’re gently manouvered 

a game of two halves , just like chess 

From within the balance of the middle 

For all we receive 

for all we are grateful 

for nothing we are needful 

loving the peace of the moment 

All within blessed and equal 

trust , faith and reason 

Time heals us and time knows us 

In time life reveals all truths and in time karma rewards us 

with all that comes and goes , faithfully following us 

through the ages guiding with a’gathered wisdoms 

through life’s stages it does so oh – so quietly 

for time echoes choices in mindful whispers . 

By Mark Higham . 


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