IMG_2873the moonlight gives a feeling that floats 
moon beams on which we dance , oh the joy of the night 
each phase keeps the soul in balance 
the light that reflects upon the water , upon which we walk and dance 
our goddess of the night , binds us in a loving spell 
she guides us through the night , bathed in glorious directing vision 
we skip from beam to beam we sip from the magical moonlit well 
Formidable taste of music in form of tears of joy 
the dew sparkles upon herbs and spices , the light enhances enchanting spells 
under the power of moonlight lovers all night engage in loving temptations 
the silvery glimmers reflect from within all that’s desired 
from compassion to unadulterated crimson passion , onward , moonlight carries us 
never so alive when within Lunars bountiful fires 
when asleep the light layers youth upon the restful face 
peace in multitudes rests the unquiet soul when bathed in light of the fulmoons whole 
all who gaze into Lunars unequalled light gain bountiful and beautiful insight 
charming spellbound smiles that beam the beam deep within moonlit scenes 
Lunar is the only ruler of time and tide and only she holds sway over lovers soulful -hearts . 

Our Goddess Lunar . 
By Mark Higham . 

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