And I know music is magic because I hear it sing ,
Fly agaric mushrooms from the earth do Spring
and to the whole of the moon my heart does swoon ,
Hallucinations and feelings of love
Flying free within colours with the peaceful loving silver dove .
All my loved ones past and present
Skip along the rings of Saturn ,
Or dwell within the aurora of Jupiter ,
Rhyme with the echoes of supernovas and
Dance with all that’s yet to come .
Smiles a’bound within the colour of rainbows we drown ,
In colours unseen we cheerfully sing .
Tasting fruits of shimmering reflection .
With feelings like these no need for direction ,
Free as the birds is the unchained soul
And upon the shoulders are glowing stars .
Within the heart angelic laughter ,
Drifting , floating weightlessly and remembering ecstasy
Whilst surrounded by the love of like-minded people ,
Dancing , swaying , chanting in togetherness
In a surreal world of difference far from bleakness .
The colour of love wrapped in LSD and comforted from
The sounds of love that come from musical notes that above our heads float free .
Simply Freedom .
By Mark Higham .img_2895


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