where the softest candle light flickers and flows .
Listen to the gentle beats of the heart and feel an increasing calm .
The inner voice of criticism has many wily – ways
spiteful words and from a distance in many a’curse ,
but the inner voice of compassion sounds out across the inner universe .
Humanity has but one voice ,
a voice of reason , understanding , love and freedom ,
for we are all men of the world ,
mothers of the Earth and children of peace .
They all dwell within where only the inner eye can see , feel and hear ,
trust in your inner voice of kindness ,
to quell the inner voice of harshness .
And the stars of the inner universe will open their light to guide you ,
to get you across the darkness and give you a warming glow ,
with every word of love – to yourself and others and the whole will know ,
and trust in the feeling that inner peace is where peace on a Earth truly begins .



5 thoughts on “The words of compassion are written upon the soul

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