IMG_1989the stomach is empty every day
the memory stretches long to remember the last meal
hunger strikes hard and causes pains
a griping feeling twisting time and again
the clothes upon the back worn and frayed
thread bare shoes tied together with old lace
laces strung together to keep shoe and sole in place
the grumbling stomach echoes poverties shame
there’s a roof above , but it’s not a home
there’s a floor to sleep on , but it’s far from home
the heater doesn’t work and it’s dank and cold
there’s no furniture, poverty again causes echoes
wall to wall nothingness, empty and alone
no one calls , no post just thoughts for company
imagination runs amok with visions of comfort
the greyness of hunger hangs with hopelessness upon poverties face
an expression that goes ignored along with any pleas
those same old clothes hang dreadfully upon gaunt – thinning – pale and boney body
no one cares in a society with no social responsibility
no one cares when no ones on side
a society where everyone looks the other way
it’s a cruel world where people turn a blind eye
poverty is etched upon the face and digs deep down making lines of a poverty frown
The Look Of Poverty .
By Mark Higham .


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