From Frued To Linehan

It’s Freudian in origin
it’s simplistic from Linehan
They both teach of what’s within
if we but listen to our inner sanctum speak
and never dwell upon the days we were beat
To rebuild our lives to betterment
knowing we’ve put right our many wrongs
as we listen to our inner song
and know true compassion means inner peace
and overcome the demons wrapped up in PTSD
We build a stronger character with visualisation
for the mind sees strength within self belief
For peace is the bigger factor upon the pathway that heals
It heals us with inner peace as we use the therapy known as DBT
By Mark Higham . IMG_1915


When I was young I walked many miles ,

back then I had youth on side .
I’ve done my time on this road of mine ,
I’ve done my time fighting time and tide
I’ve done my time searching this soul of mine .
Upon that road oh so much goodness I passed by ,
staying with solitude and plight , was for me an easier life ,
avoiding day and walking the night ,
I’ve done my time fighting time and tide
I’ve done my time searching this soul of mine .
Now age has me graced and my bones licked in pain ,
I look to age for wisdom regained and try to find faith in fellow man ,
for i have done my time and I’m moving on from a tide of haunting miles and far from that bygone youth of mine .
I’m calling time on my fighting wiles and resting these bones that hold so much time to catch up with my feet up and call it quits on a life long past , calling it quits to finally find some restful sleep .
Calling Time .
By Mark Higham .

A voice that carries across oceans 

a voice that blasts through the four winds 
and a voice that rolls across all seas 
an epic narrator that speaks to all nations 
and to all men of all religions and creeds 
all listen with awe inspiring belief 
everyone now wants and needs all things new 
for the world is turning against the elite 
and a man behind the voice to hold true 
Out with the old in with the new 
A world of fairness in which we live free 
free from the taxes and powers of axis 
free from the shackles of inequality and greed 
To burn the havens where money hides 
to bring to justice those corporations who burn our fields 
and poison our earth and pollute the air we breathe 
to share the wealth and redistribute the lands 
A voice that doth call to that vasty deep and bring up the needed 
to give back the freedom of choice and close the banks 
show transparency with no slight of cheating hands 
give colour to democracy and throw away black and white 
change the laws that keep safe the few 
put the three percent on trial in public view 
And give the rest of the people their righteous due . 
Time To Change 
By Mark Higham 

Sunny smiles

href=”https://dailypost.wordpreSunny are the pictures of the innocent
children whose sunny cheeks and smiles light the halls
all their pictures gathered upon the school wall
oh so happy – oh so charming one and all
surrounded by caring – loving teachers doing an honourable job
From little acorns we all grow like the light of the sunny heart
learning about the little things in life
smiling sunny smiles a bright and wide
aspirations grow wild even when standing in line
the smiles of my children make my days happy and sunny
By Mark Higham .


We’re all placed upon the wheel of life

we all await it’s turning

we take the good with the bad , that’s life ,

sometimes it drives us down into the mud

sometimes it lifts us up into the light

we all must show respect and patience

and take our time whilst down

to stay within the here and now

and learn to live high when lifted into the light

it’s the wheel of life just like time and tide

that holds us tight , because that’s life .

The Wheel .

Going local

Going loco with my locals

neighbourhood people’s sticking their nose in

my life , my business , leave well alone with the grief yawl creating

it’s not much to ask to be left to ones own devices

its like a witch hunt to know my life’s history

all the questions I once was polite to , but enough is enough

I’m going loco to keep to myself and post code

it’s not polite to ask questions repeatedly as it gets real old , real quick

they ask repeatedly to pop in and have a cuppa tea and a chat

to talk about or rather gobshite about others in the local flat system

im quiet in nature and reserved , but polite to give a nod , a hello and hold a door open

but lately I seem to be trying my best to keep a distance from the locals and all those who live around them .

In your face 

It makes me cringe to look you in the face 

I’ve heard it all before , seen all the tells 

I can read you like a book with all the lies I hear you talk 

you make me cringe as eye contact I need not make 

I know your language your body makes 

all the micro expressions and movements upon your face 

I cannot help it , it’s in my nature because I’m an Autistic Savant 

To Look you in the eye means I get deep down inside 

it makes me cringe and at time wish was blind 

but , still I’d know from the tone of your voice 

that your telling tell tale lies , I have no choice , I am who I am 

So don’t be offended if I don’t meet eye contact 

as it makes me cry inside to read your signs . 

Non Contact , Not Even A Glance . 

By Mark Higham . 

The magic of the human heart made manifest by love and pain . In ambiguity the heart does not live , for we are dreamers , shapers , singers and makers .

Invocations and equations of our loved ones words and voice , fourteen words to allow your chosen one to fall in love forever , seven words to allow them to go without pain , how to say goodbye to a dying friend , how to be rich , how to be poor , how to rediscover and capture dreams once stolen by the world .
The heart preserves the knowledge of all because the heart retains more miracles than the burning bush .
We look to the skies , we look beyond the stars and dream of far away places and know right there and then that the hearts magic exists .
The Miracles Of Human The Heart .
By Mark Higham .

Ominous words will spread that in him stands the devil 

dangerous and far from perfect , deserving of death 
feral as a child and the man forever digging his grave straight to hell 
grizzly mean , leathery faced and fallen far from heavens wings 

Both heaven and hell refuse him entry at their gates , no room at the inn 
hot headed temper fuelled by pain and uncontrollable rage 
no fear no mercy , ladies mesmerised  lightest smile , but men face indifference 
the hearts so heavy it’ll sink mountains with supernatural thirst to dry rivers 

The same old stories are far from truth , jealousy to hate 
He is as soft as Lilly white skin and innocent as the freckles that upon it lay 
as honest as the day is long and only truth flows from the fabled tongue 
people say this and that , but lies upon lies spell nothing but fake 

No heathen no believer in anything but the self 
belonging to no one but Mother Earth 
branded bad to the bone from child to man , empathy taken for gullibility 
a tender soul beaten to a pulp time and again because of sincerity and frailty 

People see a man of many layers , if they but looked they’d see simplicity 
a fragile spirit that’s easy to inspire and instil a trusted implicitly 
but friendships to a mans island must travel many oceans and seas 
he has no comforts nor pleasures just a shadow with visions and voices 

Keeping to himself for fear of betrayal of once more being sold down rapids of many rivers 
up many creeks without a paddle and many miles to traverse 
miles of pitfalls , quicksands , mountainsides and gorges one and all 
a victim , of lowly vulnerability , a selfless man deflated by life’s ugly evilness 

In No One Have Faith . 
By Mark Higham . 

Blue notes cut through to the soul by the love of song 

racing beats and mellow flutes happily follow to find the soul 
music takes to where we love to wander 
music gives courage to find our yonder 
flowing notes drift in the air , adding colour to the ether  

needing no reason , just a blinding rhythm 
dancing and stomping , smiling waltzing as radios playin 
singing aloud or whistling or whispers makes the sun a shinin 
the jingle gangal moonlight skippin everyone enjoyin 
All the while our thoughts do wonder past thy doomie gloom 
Flowing notes drift in the air , adding colours to the ether 

love and honey , a shoutin and a whoopin til the sounds stop rollin 
tapping to the beat drenched in dance floor sweat 
all around the swirls the moonshine blues and rock an roll swings 
come the devil or the deep blue sea we will forever from folklore sing 
life is one long road but shorter the trip with music to the ears ringing free 
Flowing oh flowing in the ether are notes of music ringing free free free 
Music Sets You Free . 
By Mark Higham  .